La Payre, the Ardèche green way

La Payre, the Ardèche green way

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  • Commune de départ Le Pouzin


La Payre, the Ardèche green way
A 20-km valley between Le Pouzin (ViaRhôna) and Privas to be enjoyed on foot, by bike or on roller-skates - it's up to you.

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Vallée de la Payre (20 km), a new lease of life for this old railway line!

Initially created in 1861, the Pouzin / Privas railway was the 1st railway line to enter service in Ardèche.
At this time Ardèche was among the leading industrial counties of France and the railway allowed the transport of iron ore extracted from the mines in the Privas basin.

Reserved for passenger transport by 1910, it was again used to transport local production, before closing altogether in 1994.

This old route has many interesting structures: tunnels, viaducts, bridges, footbridges, and hydraulic works.